how can read Specified column or All the columns of checked SelectionModel in Grid

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    how can read Specified column or All the columns of checked SelectionModel in Grid

    I'm going to get the value of all the checked rows in the Grid. I followed this example
    .DirectEvents(de =>
                              de.Click.Action = "Submit";
                              de.Click.EventMask.ShowMask = true;
                              de.Click.ExtraParams.Add(new Parameter()
                                  Name = "selection",
                                  Value= "App.Model1.getSubmitData({ excludeId: true })" ,
                                  Mode = ParameterMode.Raw  
                          }) )
    but js error occurs With this theme : "Uncaught TypeError: App.Model1.getSubmitData is not a function"
    i think getSubmitData only work for SpreadsheetSelectionModel but i have a CheckboxSelectionModel
    is it possible someone give me a sample for getting value of checked row of grid in viewpage for using in codebehiend
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    no support?
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    Hello @TAYMA, and welcome to Ext.NET forums!

    Sorry for the delay replying your inquiry.

    The method you got from the example you pointed, getSubmitData() is a client-side method specific for the Ext.grid.selection.SpreadsheetModel (server-side class SpreadsheetSelectionModel), and an implementation specific to Ext.NET.

    You are trying to call it in a Ext.grid.Selection.CheckboxModel (server-side class CheckboxSelectionModel); that's not going to work, because it does not implement that client-side (javascript) method.

    Hope this helps!
    Fabrício Murta
    Developer & Support Expert

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