When opening tabs in the example explorer it's a bit annoying to see all these "overview" tabs if you open many windows in the tabpanel

I am using an extended version of the "loadPage" javascript
<script type="text/javascript">
var loadPage = function(tabPanel, node) {
    var tab = tabPanel.getItem(node.id);
    if (!tab) {
        tab = tabPanel.add({
            id: node.id,
            title: node.text,
            tabTip: node.attributes.qtip,
            closable: true,
            iconCls: node.attributes.iconCls,
            autoLoad: {
                showMask: true,
                url: node.attributes.href,
                mode: 'iframe',
                maskMsg: 'Opening ' + node.text + '...'
Imo it gives the user a better overview of the various tabs opened in a session