[CLOSED] TreeList in (nav/micro) doesnt collapse after click

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    [CLOSED] TreeList in (nav/micro) doesnt collapse after click


    pls review example: https://examples.ext.net/#/TreePanel/List/Overview/

    set micro AND nav mode.

    then move over users and click "Tagged"

    in NAV mode, i expect than when i navigate to a link, it would close the treelist so the new page loads.

    however, the treelist remains open.

    please let me know how it can close as soon as a click is made.

    i would expect this to be the default.

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    Hello @Z! Sorry for the delay in replying your inquiry!

    Although the Ext.list.Tree.micro mode looks like a menu, it isn't really one, so this behavior is just not set up in this example. The same can be noticed if you open the corresponding Sencha example.

    While the example is meant to work that way (just move the mouse away and the treeList should be gone), I understand you may just want that funcionality; dismiss on click. This is not a supported behavior of the TreeList component, so make sure to leave notes/comments about the change, but the way it internally works now to dismiss the popped menu is by calling the its undocumented unfloatAll() method.

    For the example you pointed, adding a block like this to the handleTLSel() client-side code to the tree will allow the hide-on-select behavior:

    if (me.getMicro()) {
    Again, please take note this is not a supported feature and the method we're exploring to easily add the functionality may stop working next version without prior notice.

    Hope this helps!
    Fabrício Murta
    Developer & Support Expert
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    Hello again, @Z!

    Glad it helped, thank you very much for your kind feedback!
    Fabrício Murta
    Developer & Support Expert

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