Check if all ComboBoxes are selected.

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    Check if all ComboBoxes are selected.

    I have three ComboBoxes, there is code. I want to check if all comboboxes are selected and then load grid by Ajax. I think, that I should use JavaScript but don't know how. How can I do that?
                                            .EmptyText("Select Year")
                                                new ListItem("2014", "2014"),
                                                new ListItem("2015", "2015"),
                                                new ListItem("2016", "2016")
                                            .EmptyText("Select Period")
                                                new ListItem("1 кв.", "1 кв."),
                                                new ListItem("2 кв.", "2 кв."),
                                                new ListItem("3 кв.", "3 кв."),
                                                new ListItem("4 кв.", "4 кв.")
                                                    ).ColumnWidth(0.30).StyleSpec("margin-left: 50px;"),
                                                .EmptyText("Select Organisation")
                                                            new ModelField("Id", ModelFieldType.String) { Mapping = "ORG" },
                                                            new ModelField("Name", ModelFieldType.String) { Mapping = "KBO" }
                                                    .ColumnWidth(0.6).StyleSpec("margin-top: 10px;")
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    Hello @gigola9, and welcome to Ext.NET forums!

    There are just too many ways to attain what you need, I will describe you one possible solution, please try to think about it, browse some of our online examples, and merge it on your actual use case:

    - Every combo box has a select event. You probably want to use the 'listener' (or client-side) version of the event. There's also the 'Directevent' one, but that requires a round-trip to the server and, for this task, sounds like too much.
    - To each combo box, when it gets a value selected, in that select event, check if the other two have a value selected; which may be empty, a single value or an array of values (if that's "multiselect" combobox).
    - whenever the test of one combobox yields true, show the panel.

    This example shows using the select event (as a listener): Ajax Linked combos

    I hope this helps you attain the desired result!
    Fabrício Murta
    Developer & Support Expert

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