Filter Grid by remote data from External textbox

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    Filter Grid by remote data from External textbox

    Hello masters
    i am using Gridpanel in Mvc .i wanna filter grid via external Textbox and when i click the button under Grid mvc Grab data from external Text box in page and show final result in Grid. i should not use remote filtering on top of column and it must be independent.i dont Know how can i do it.
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    Hello @orpheus, and welcome to Ext.NET forums!

    You can just call the grid store's addFilter() passing something like:

    new Ext.util.Filter({
        property: "Company",
        value: document.getElementById('myInputField').value
    And then pass that filter to the grid via something like

    So shouldn't be too hard.

    There may also be the need to clear the filter, etc, see more on using the grid filter feature here: ExtJS API documentation on Store Filters.

    You can quickly see a working example if you just open this example:
    Then switch developer tools on, and enter this on console:

    App.GridPanel1.getStore().addFilter(new Ext.util.Filter({property: "company", value: "AT" }));
    If what you need is limited to client-side only, this is maybe the best way to go. There's never a single option, so you don't need to stick to this if you find some way else to attain your objective.

    Hope this helps!
    Fabrício Murta
    Developer & Support Expert
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    hello sir
    very very tanks for reply
    finally i used from directmethod for pass data of textboxes .in this case passing data is correct and "name" and "number" parameter has textbox value but when i click button, grid not reload
    in this controller i wrote this code:
            public ActionResult OrderSearch(string name="", int number=0)
                OrderGridVm SearchOrderGridVm=new OrderGridVm(){CompanyName = name,CompanyNumber= number };
                var tempdata = _edOrderService.GetOrderGridVm(SearchOrderGridVm);
                return this.Store(tempdata );
    and in cshtml i wrote this
                   .Title("Company Information")
                       Html.X().TextField().ID("CompanyName").FieldLabel("Company Name") ,
                       Html.X().TextField().ID("CompanyNumber").FieldLabel("Company number").AllowBlank(false) 
                           .Handler(", App.CompanyNumber.getValue());") 
    in above code for example my grid before filter has 3 record When the filter is applied "tempdata" has only one record but grid Still showing 3 record .if you help me how to reload or replace, "store" for filterd model in serverside my problem is solved.
    Thank you so much.
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    Hello, @orpheus!

    In order to be able to help you with that, we'd need to have these code snippets in a way we can copypaste in a project and run them.

    For a MVC, this would require at least the controller code, including Index, and the full view code.

    I think a good sample showing what we would need for a sample with direct method would be in the MVC DirectMethod example in our examples explorer: Events - Direct Method.

    While we are at it, please take your time to review our guidelines on posting new threads and test cases, it really helps us help you:
    - Tips for creating simplified code samples
    - More Information Required
    - Forum Guidelines

    Looking forward to your follow-up!
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    Thank you for your guidance.your Approach about filter work Properly.its Great but i have still two Question without answer
    1) how can i reload store in grid in server side Because i can do it client side but i need in server side
    2) i have used "Ext.util.Filter" and Almost my problem has been solved but in string I have to type the whole sentence or some character of first of word.
    for example if "Mr.Brown " exists in a Grid's column when i search "Brown" does not return any result but if i search Mr.Br or Mr.Brown it return true result.
    very very thanks for your Help

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