Render list to grid cell

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    Render list to grid cell


    Can you suggest me, how render data from list of objects into cell and every list item should be as separate element (label, for exapmle)?

    DataIndex of column is "TestList".
    TestList is a list of "TestObject"
    TestObject has properties: id, type and name.
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    Hello @BogDan!

    Here's an example of a Grid Panel filled with a List of objects in our examples explorer:

    - Grid Panel > Miscellaneous > Generic List

    Hope this helps!
    Fabrício Murta
    Developer & Support Expert
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    @fabricio, thank you for your reply, but i need to render list to 1 cell of grid, not to whole grid.
    as a solution i tried to use componentColumn and Multiselect as it`s component:
        .DataIndex("List") //it is list of values, whitch i want to use as multiselect items
                        X.ListItem().Text("Item 1").Value("1"),
                        X.ListItem().Text("Item 2").Value("2"),
                        X.ListItem().Text("Item 3").Value("3"),
                        X.ListItem().Text("Item 4").Value("4"),
                        X.ListItem().Text("Item 5").Value("5")
    but i don`t understand, how to use elements from dataindex of my component column as items of multiselect component.

    Becides, i want customise standart list of multiselect, how can i use Tpl or something similar?
    I couldn`t find such exapmles on site.
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    Hello again, @Bogdan!

    I am afraid I will reply you with another example, and I am pretty confident it will get you just a notch away from attaining your objective.

    - Editor Field Mapping

    The change it would have from what you need, I suppose, is just instead of returning a single item in the renderer, it would return an array of items for the multi-combo.

    Hope this helps!
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