Label not getting focus

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    Label not getting focus

    I have added a Ext.Net.Label to an Ext.Net.FieldSet within an Ext.Net.Container and i would like the nested controls to be able to receive focus. Right now, only the container gets focus and it ignores the 2 nested child controls on tabbing. Is there a way to make any control receive focus in
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    Always post a standalone code snippet as it will make it easier for people to help you.

    Simply create a Listener on the FieldSet. Then on the activation, you set the focus of the nested textbox. This isn't syntax exactly correct but you get the idea.


       <Activate handler="App.myNestedTextField.focus()" single="true"/>
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    I am trying to make a fieldset or a container receive focus, not its contents. I would like to be able to tab to it by keyboard as well. Is this possible?

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