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[CLOSED] Button UI

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    [CLOSED] Button UI

    How can i change a button UI in javascript?

    i want to change from warning-large to success-large.

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    Hello @Z!

    You can use the Ext.Component.setUi() method.

    Hope this helps!
    Fabrício Murta
    Developer & Support Expert
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    You made the same error i did which why i posted it. I camel cased it. SetUI works.
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    Hello @Z!

    You stated you wanted to do that in javascript, so I understood you wanted it client side and, client-side, the method is called setUi().

    By convention, all lowerCamelCased methods are translated into UpperCamelCased in C#, so unles in very specific and limited cases, between Ext JS client side and Ext.NET server-side naming convention for public members will be like this.

    In other words:
    Ext JS / client side / javascript: lowerCamelCase
    Ext.NET / server side / C#: UpperCamelCase

    Knowing this, it may be easier to "translate" what you read when you think either client-side or server-side when speaking about Ext.NET. :)

    Hope this helps.

    EDIT: I see, you were talking about the [b]UI[b] bit of the method not being Ui but UI (all uppercase). Microsoft has a similar rule where names with just two characters may be full upper cased, whereas others should be camel cased, as System.IO and System.Uri.
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