Hi All,
In Ext 2.5 Version we are able to select items from MultiCombo(ComponentColumn) in javascript but same code is not working with latest version 4.5.1. I am not able to select items from javascript. please help us.
var SetAccessTypeSelection = function (accessId, rowIndex) {
             App.AccessTypeColumn.getComponent(rowIndex).store.each(function (record, idx) {
                App.AccessTypeColumn.getComponent(rowIndex).selectItem(record); //select particular item
Could you please suggest what is the changed property in latest version for below script(valueModels property is not working in latest version. please help.
        for (var i = 0; i < App.AccessTypeColumn.valueModels.length; i++) {
           var accessTypeValue =  parseInt(App.AccessTypeColumn.valueModels[i].data.Value); //TODO Migration