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Troubles after migration from 4.2.1 to 4.5.1

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    Troubles after migration from 4.2.1 to 4.5.1


    today I tried to migrate our app to 4.5.1. The 4.2.1 run without a problem. After the migration a click to a tab doesn't work. I got this trace:

    Uncaught TypeError: b.layout.setActiveItem is not a function
        at ctor.setActiveTab (ext.axd?v=4.5.1:20)
        at ctor.doActivateTab (ext.axd?v=4.5.1:20)
        at ctor.onClick (ext.axd?v=4.5.1:20)
        at (ext.axd?v=4.5.1:20)
        at (ext.axd?v=4.5.1:20)
        at ctor.publish (ext.axd?v=4.5.1:20)
        at ctor.publishDelegatedDomEvent (ext.axd?v=4.5.1:20)
        at ctor.doDelegatedEvent (ext.axd?v=4.5.1:20)
        at ctor.onDelegatedEvent (ext.axd?v=4.5.1:20)
    I've no idea what's happening. Looks like, that this happens inside Ext.js or I'm not so skilled in the deep of to understand what's happening.

    This is the code where the problem occurs:

    So b.layout is???? and this does not have setActiveItem() but at this point, I'm lost...
    What's missing. Or what is changed between 4.2.1 and 4.5.1.
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    Hello @rtic!

    That's going to be as cryptic even to us here if we tried to debug the code in "release" (minified) mode, as some level of compression (which ultimately obfuscates the code) takes place.

    While debugging your Ext.NET website, besides running it in Debug configuration, also enable ScriptMode="Debug" and SourceFormatting="True". This can be done either:

    - in an specific page's:
    - Resource Manager
    - Page_Load event (mangling the resource manager)
    - site-wide
    - Web.config's extnet tag
    - Global.asax (or other low-level/initialization code like AppStart/ExtNetConfig.cs)

    Usually it is simpler to just add the keys within site wide Web.config if you need to enable debugging output code for a whole website, or if you are just debugging a specific page, then to its ResourceManager.

    You can also enable it thru Sessions. That's how our Examples Explorer (see sources here) enables the user to switch between debug/release mode (release enabled by default/initially) via the 'cog' settings menu around top-left of the page.

    Hope this helps!
    Fabrício Murta
    Developer & Support Expert
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    Oh, thanks, I forgot this. Yes, I'll try it again. But for the next days we decided to roll back to the previous version. So I'll start a test branch in the next days and check the mirgration task again. Then I'll hope I get more info to get help.

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