How to disable/enable button based on a value in the grid cell ?

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    How to disable/enable button based on a value in the grid cell ?

    I use iIn my Index.cshtml page.
    I have a grid and a button called BtnEdit in my page.
    One of the columns in the grid is called "Match".
    I would like to disable BtnEdit when "Match" = "N", and enable it when "Match" = "Y" .
    How can I do that ?
    Thank you.

    This is a snippet of my code:
                X.GridPanel().ID("GridPanel1").MarginSpec("1 1 1 1").Cls("cust-grid")
                .Listeners(ls => ls.Select.Handler = @"var store=App.Store1; var combo=App.NoItem; store.pageSize=combo.getValue(); store.reload();")
                                .Handler("var rec=App.GridPanel1.selModel.getSelection()[0]; if(rec) { App.Form1.getForm().loadRecord(rec);;} else alert('Please select row first!')")
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