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    Hello @aemiranda,

    Quote Originally Posted by aemiranda
    My last question is, if you have in the gridpanel with five columns and TWO of those columns are comboboxes and you want that those two columns have the behavior you implemented in the example, and the other three columns to have the custom behavior.
    Yes, that should be possible, you may need either a specific behavior block or signal somewhere for the match() to use the specific combo store for mapping though -- if each column uses a different value mapping. Also adjust the is() to match the columns accordingly.

    Quote Originally Posted by aemiranda
    You have to correct the catch section on the example, you miss the (e) after catch
    Thanks for the heads up. Seems google chrome liked parameterless catch, but per specification it must be there. Added to the example.
    Fabrício Murta
    Developer & Support Expert
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    Thanks, that works
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    More informative thread title?

    This is a very useful example.
    Can the thread title be modified to something that will allow searching for it in the future?
    (i.e. Implement custom behaviour in combobox filter column)

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    I agree with @AnFil and kindly ask @aemiranda, whether does he mind if we changed the topic or would he change the topic to something more descriptive himself.

    Just in case, this example is now left for good in our examples explorer at https://examples.ext.net (or htttps://examples4.ext.net/) under:
    - GridPanel > Filter Header > Mapped Field Filtering

    Hopefully the path is intuitive enough to fetch the attention of most users interested in the feature browsing the examples explorer.
    Fabrício Murta
    Developer & Support Expert
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