Auto height TabPanel with v4.5?

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    Auto height TabPanel with v4.5?

    Hi, I have a problem, the tab panel is not taking the height of each panel.


    <ext:ResourceManager runat="server" ID="ResourceManager1">

    <ext:TabPanel runat="server"
    UI="Primary" >
    <ext:Panel runat="server" Icon="ApplicationForm" ActiveTabIndex="0" BodyPadding="6">
    <Loader ID="Loader1" runat="server" Url="~/page.aspx?Caso=U&U=58" Mode="Frame" >
    <ext:Panel runat="server" Icon="FolderPageWhite" BodyPadding="6">
    <Loader ID="Loader2" runat="server" Url="~/page2.aspx?U=58" Mode="Frame" >


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    Have you tried setting fit layout on Panels or playing with height properties.

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