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Deployment Issue

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    Hi. Can you install from NuGet? The 4.1.1 build was published to NuGet a while back.

    We're working on packaging up the .zip to provide on the page.
    Geoffrey McGill
    Founder & CEO
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    great. i will package it up and deploy it Sat night.
    i will keep you updated.
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    I appreciate all your efforts. I will be attempting a new deployment this weekend.

    However, i still find some inconsistencies in the new 4.1.1 that are very disconcerting.

    To test, i created a brand new VS ASP.NET. then from the solution, i did manage nuget and downloaded the packages.

    The "welcome message" says it is version 4.1
    The property of the mobile DLL says it is version 4.1.0
    Git tells me it is 4.1.1 that was downloaded.

    All of this terribly confusing when we are having such a problem with deployment.
    This stuff MUST be consistent for all deployments and should be corrected.

    see attachment.
    Attached Thumbnails inconsistencies.jpg  
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