[CLOSED] Deployment Issue

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    I might have made a breakthrough....

    One change we made was we set a Theme.

    i used ngrok to hit my app from an Android Emulator (accelerated) and then used ngrok (like fiddler).

    Basically, there is a new file at the bottom. Notice the neptune themed ext-mobile.axd.

    Where is that file? it is under /mobile/extjs and not /mobile/extnet

    Is this in the Ext.Net.Mobile.dll??

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    and with the triton theme....
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    i am gonna guess the theming caused an issue and somehow my DLL cant find or doesnt have that theme and hence the inability to load....
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    Can you list the Network requests that are failing? and provide the response details.

    What version of Ext.NET Mobile were you previously using? and what version is your app currently using?
    Geoffrey McGill
    Founder & CEO
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    We'll run some tests with the Ext.NET Mobile Themes and see if we can reproduce the issue.
    Geoffrey McGill
    Founder & CEO
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    Interesting that i am using version 4.1.1 in production and the website lists version 4.1.0 as the latest.
    I forget what you fixed when you gave me 4.1.1. Maybe that 4.1.1 build was no good.
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    I would need to deploy to PROD to run these tests and and not ready to do that until we have some idea of why it fails (or you are available to review online with me).
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    So apparently, we rebuilt out Ext.NET mobile DLL to work around this bug.


    Maybe that is the cause of this all, that our build was invalid. We did need to set a specific value (read thru posting) to get it to work. Maybe that is the cause of it.

    it all works locally...

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    I think rebuilding my own version is the likely culprit. Even though i rebuilt, the version seems to be stuck at 4.1.0. i am also using nuget and VSTS to build now so likely i have a corrupted references to 4.1.0 (even though i am flagged as 4.1.1 locally) and when i deploy, it is just a crapshoot if it works and that is why the clients cant utilize any ext.net functionality.
    Any chance, you can release 4.1.1 officially and fix the user agent string problem? That should solve this mess.
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    Hi. We will look into releasing Ext.NET Mobile 4.1.1 today. I'll keep you updated with our progress.
    Geoffrey McGill
    Founder & CEO
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