[OPEN] [#1577] [4.5.1] Drag/Drop in grid behaves inconsistent on touch enabled device

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    [OPEN] [#1577] [4.5.1] Drag/Drop in grid behaves inconsistent on touch enabled device

    Hi Support,

    I've treegrid which support row reordering via drag & drop. It works as expected on regular PC but on touch enabled device (Dell Latitude 5285) it behaves inconsistently. So when I long press and it shows rectangle near the touch and after that I can drag and drop record. It works the first time but after that sometimes it just scroll the records in grid instead of dragging selected record.

    I can reproduce the same behavior in this example.

    I'm using Ext.Net MVC 4.5.1 with Neptune Theme and testing this scenario in chrome browser.

    Are you familiar with any fix that smooth out this behavior?

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    Hello @Fahd!

    Sorry to hear you are having hard times with the drag and drop on touch devices. Thanks for pointing out this issue!

    I could reproduce some issues like you described in the example you pointed by enabling chrome developer tools, device emulation, on "Laptop with Touch" setting.

    Seems the first tap-and-hold drags the record correctly, it gives a nice visual effect to indicate when the record is "held" by the drag event.

    From the second onward, you get the nice effect but dragging actually scrolls the view as you described. But if instead, I 'select' the record (quick tap to make it be highlighted in yellow), then hold that record, I can then drag it normally. This seems to be consistent.

    But in the case the select is done before the drag attempt, no visual feedback is available, and the drop target highlight (lime) seems to be shifted by an arbitrary amount of rows from where the record is actually dropped. The drop coincides with the cursor position, though.

    We will need a little more time to suggest you a solution for this issue, but it seems it could involve forcind the record's selection during the tap event (so that you can only long-tap records that are currently highlighted, long-tapping an unselected record might just select it, which makes sense, in my opinion).
    Fabrício Murta
    Developer & Support Expert
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    Hello again @Fahd!

    We've logged the issue under #1577 on our bugs tracking list at github. I've filled there with more details on the issue, it was promptly reproduced off pure Ext JS examples, so the erratic behavior comes from deeper.

    We couldn't find a workaround for this issue as of yet. Unfortunately it will require more efforts in order to be addressed.
    Fabrício Murta
    Developer & Support Expert
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    Thanks for the help Fabricio.

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