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    Single License Developer


    I've noticed that Sencha Extjs has reverted back to a Single License option. Will Ext.Net be re-evaluating their offers based on this new model??

    Kind Regards
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    Hi Glen,

    Sencha has prevented us from offering an single developer license option, and I don't see their position changing.

    The "single license option" that Sencha offers is actually a subscription. The license is not perpetual. You must renew your subscription each year if you want to develop your app, distribute your app, or even "use" your app.
    Geoffrey McGill
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    Thanks Geoff for the update...

    That is a shame... hopefully they will review this in time to come. For now I have had to put a hold on any future developments with Ext.Net (extjs) as my company I work for refuses to pay the licensing fees at this price. Hopefully the new owners will see the value in this before they fully kill this product all together!
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    Yes, agreed. It's a real shame.
    Geoffrey McGill
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    Is the single developer license back again?


    Until the license policy was changed to a minimum of 5 developers I used Ext.Net in almost all my projects.
    I switched, like probably more developers, to Telerik. But I still prefer the

    When I had to do some maintenance on an old project I checked the Ext.Net forum and found on the website that I can order a license for version 5 for 1 developer.

    Is there a new policy?

    Hans Wapenaar
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    Hello HansWapenaar!

    We just updated the pricing page to reflect this change and we are preparing a blog post to tell all the story but, in short, individual developer licenses of Ext.NET (in increments of 1) are now possible. Acquiring it now will grant free updates between Ext.NET 4 and 5, as you probably seen in the pricing page.

    Hope this helps!
    Fabrício Murta
    Developer & Support Expert
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    Hi Hans,

    Thanks for noticing!

    As of today, Ext.NET is available again with a Single Developer license option. See pricing for more details. An official announcement on the blog is coming soon.

    Any new license purchases will include Ext.NET 5, which will be available for download on August 12, 2019.
    Geoffrey McGill
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    What a coincidence that I checked your website just today, after a long time.
    Great news!
    Just started to work on an upgrade of some older projects.

    I will wait for version 5 next week.



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