[FIXED] [#1588] [4.6.0] InputMask's key events gives error

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    [FIXED] [#1588] [4.6.0] InputMask's key events gives error

    InputMask's onKeyDown onKeyPress javascript functions gives error
    you can see it in examples page (https://examples4.ext.net/#/Form/TextField/InputMask/), just enter some text on any field and see error in console
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    We recently upgraded to EXT 4.5.1 and also started receiving complaints about the input masks not working.

    I have also tested the samples page and on the following browsers (IE, Edge, Chrome and Firefox) the component is not working.
    The behavior is something like, adding a blank space character to the back of the input text, eg. I would type 1234 and the TextField will show a value of 123_ on a field where the code looks like this:
          <ext:TextField ID="txtPin" runat="server" EmptyText="0000" FieldLabel="Pin">
              <ext:InputMask runat="server" ID="maskPin" Mask="9999" />
    As the original poster indicated, even the Examples page has the same flaw. (https://examples4.ext.net/#/Form/TextField/InputMask/)

    Replacing the plugin with the native version did give me a good workaround for now
              <ext:InputMask runat="server" ID="maskPin" Mask="9999" />
          <ext:TextField ID="txtPatientPin" runat="server" EmptyText="0000" FieldLabel="Pin">
              <InputMask Pattern="9999" />
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    Hello @ampathdev!

    Thanks for the heads up, we really missed this straightforward bug report... Sorry @unicorn64 for overlooking your report!

    We've logged it under #1588 and will post an update here as soon as the issue is fixed.

    Also, thanks for sharing the alternative that worked for you. Indeed, our implementation of the InputMask came much earlier than ExtJS's, and when they introduced it, we just kept both implementation so developers could choose between them. Although they basically do the same thing, there are some differences that may be missed by who uses the older one, and some features that may be desired by the new (native) one. And also for backwards compatibility.
    Fabrício Murta
    Developer & Support Expert
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    The issue has been fixed in Ext.NET sources. It will be publicly available on next Ext.NET release, which at the time of the writing of this response was supposed to be 4.6.0.

    Thanks again for reporting the issue!
    Fabrício Murta
    Developer & Support Expert

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