[CLOSED] MultiCombo and possibility to tweak it to implement "type-ahead" and/or "filtering" of the items?

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    [CLOSED] MultiCombo and possibility to tweak it to implement "type-ahead" and/or "filtering" of the items?

    we're dealing trying to implement a better UX for the Multicombo control.

    We would like to know whether you can suggest how to perform item filtering and type-ahead like the standard "ComboBox" ...?

    Also, another request is to "put the selected items in the list beginning". This is an interesting feature that would allow the user to de-select somethign on the previous selected items without having to scroll a list of ... possibly, 100-200 items...

    Do you have any suggestion on how this can be done?

    Thank you for an advice,
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    Hello @adrianot!

    Item filtering can be made by applying the getValue() string as a filter to the store, but again, the getValue (string in the text field of the multicombo) could contain various values. There's a reason it is not "editable". Something similar to what you want with filtering is attained using the TagField component.

    So if you really need the multicombo doing that, a starting point would be checking out TagField component's client-side (javascript) code.

    As for pulling selected items first, you can create a 'selected' field in the store, initially with 1's and bind the select/deselect event to turn that field into 0 (select) and back to 1 (deselect). Then sort first for this field, then for the text field, alphabetically for example.

    Yet another idea would be to explore the Dropdown field. As it is more "generic", you can customize it further with less in-depth changes.

    In the Dropdown field example linked above, for instance, you could use the first sample's field editing ability to filter the displayed entries in the dropdown grid of the last sample. And also you could apply a sorter when the dropdown is expanded so that it sorts atop the selected entries.

    If you want to keep the selected entries displayed on the dropdown's input field, then a type ahead search would probably be better within the dropdown contents as an actual search box.

    Hope this helps!
    Fabrício Murta
    Developer & Support Expert
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    Hello @adrianot!

    It's been a while since we replied your inquiry here and still no feedback from you. Was the response above helpful at all? Do you still need help with that you were building? If you had some progress and needs advice if stuck somewhere, let us know, we might just be able to help!

    We'll wait an additional 7+ days for your feedback, if still nothing, we may mark this thread as closed. But that's not going to prevent you from posting follow-ups here whenever you need, nevertheless. Feel free to post whenever it's more convenient for you, if you still need anything regarding this topic.
    Fabrício Murta
    Developer & Support Expert
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    Hi Fabricio, and sorry for delay.

    In order to avoid implementing other controls we re-used out "DropDown TreeField" which already implemented type ahead, filtering and multi-selection of the items.

    Thank you.
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    Hello @adrianot! Thanks for the feedback, and glad you found a solution more suitable for your scenario!
    Fabrício Murta
    Developer & Support Expert

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