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Fileupload control which is inside a UserControl is missing when Fieldset with Collapsed="true"

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    Fileupload control which is inside a UserControl is missing when Fieldset with Collapsed="true"

    I have a fieldset which consists of several other ext controls along with another fieldset inside <Items>....</Items> tag.
    Inside this inner fieldset i put a usercontrol which consists of a fileupload control and a panel to show the list of uploaded documents.

    the tag follows he following hierarchy.

    other simple controls
    -User Control(file upload control)

    Its working fine when i put the parent fieldset's collapsed property set to false. But with collapsed property set to true the fileupload control is not coming up.
    But the respective documents showing panel is visible.

    We have attached the code relating to this problem.

    Please advise.

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    Hello, @pavanpokkunuri!

    I'm afraid we can't help you much with the information provided. As per our Forum Guidelines For Posting New Topics, we'd require code samples to be shared in [code][/code] blocks, and they shouldn't include unrelated/proprietary code. Only the essential to reproduce the issue on our side. I see you shared a 51kb big file. Assuming that's a plain text file that's way too long for a code sample by its size alone.

    There are some useful templates suggested in More Information Required, and you may want to review the Tips for creating simplified code samples for some helpful instructions on reducing your real world use case scenario into an Ext.NET-driven test case.

    I hope this helps!
    Fabrício Murta
    Developer & Support Expert

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