[OPEN] [#1536] [4.4.0] Boxplot Series missing

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    [OPEN] [#1536] [4.4.0] Boxplot Series missing

    Hello support team,

    Apparently sencha has included boxplot charts since 6.5 which is included in Ext.Net 4.3 and 4.4. This however is missing from current version of ext.net.
    Shouldn't be everything included automatically with the newer versions? when should we expect it?

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    Hello, @mirwais!

    Thanks for your interest in that feature. In fact, we have it in our sight and we're going to add it to Ext.NET as soon as possible. If everything goes well, 4.5.0 that we plan on releasing soon.

    We already had an issue to track and develop the feature but didn't have a forum thread requesting it, so I'm binding your thread to the feature request issue in github, it is logged there under #1536.

    As soon as we merge the feature in Ext.NET we'll post an update here.
    Fabrício Murta
    Developer & Support Expert
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    Hi Fabricio
    Thank you, we appreciate to have it soon. I was watching it and was confident it'll come with 4.3 as ext js 6.5 was its target. But can wait for the ext version, hopefully.
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    Hello, just a little heads up...

    Did you know you get similar functionality with two of our examples in Examples explorer? It may be even more useful for an added level of freedom customizing your chart look & feel for the data:

    - Candlestick chart
    - OHLC chart

    Well, at least comparing to what we get in Sencha documentation sample (the fiddle in the documentation summary, just click the "run" tab once you load the documentation page).

    I hope this adds valuable information although this does not change the fact we're going to implement this component to then next Ext.NET versions.
    Fabrício Murta
    Developer & Support Expert
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    Hello Frabricio

    Thanks for the hint, probably we could customize it but a solution out of the box is simpler to ue.

    Besides these charts have different purposes and show also other values, BoxPlot you have 5 values and OHLC or candlestick uses 4 over a time axis, whereas boxplot is used mostly with a category axis.

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