[CLOSED] Desktop - drag menu item from StartMenu and drop as shortcut

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    [CLOSED] Desktop - drag menu item from StartMenu and drop as shortcut

    Hello support team,
    is it possible to dynamically create desktop shortcuts for the selected StartMenu items of the Desktop? What I want to achieve is offer a user-friendly way to create a desktop icon for chosen StartMenu application. Is it possible to implement, for example, drag & drop for StartMenu items? I spent quite some time with looking for a solution and although I had no problem with drag & drop implementation for tree menu or droppable panels, here I'm lost.

    According to my simple example, I want to drag the menu item of the European Union and drop a new shortcut next to the Notepad shortcut. Is it feasible? Please, can you give me some clue?

    Ext.NET version 4.3

    Thank you,

        Layout = null;
        List<MenuItem> startMenu = new List<Ext.Net.MenuItem>();
        startMenu.Add(new Ext.Net.MenuItem() { Icon = Icon.FlagEuropeanunion, Text = "European Union" });
        startMenu.Add(new Ext.Net.MenuItem() { Icon = Icon.FlagUs, Text = "United States" });
        .Listeners(l => { l.Ready.Handler = " desktopReady()"; })
                .Title("Allegro Desktop")
                                .ToolTip("Tile windows")
                                .OverflowText("Tile windows"),
                                .ToolTip("Cascade windows")
                                .OverflowText("Cascade windows"),
                                .ToolTip("Default icons positions")
            Html.X().DesktopModule().ModuleID("Notepad").Shortcut(new DesktopShortcut { Name = "Notepad", IconCls = "x-notepad-shortcut" })
    <script type="text/javascript">
        var $desktop;
        function desktopReady() {
            $desktop = Nelis._nelisDesktop;
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