Multiline(multirow) Tabpanel

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    Multiline(multirow) Tabpanel


    I have a requirement to display multi line tabs without tab scroll with tabpanel.
    I found bottom css solution in ext.js forum but it's not worked for 4.x .

    .mycompany-tabpanel-onerow ul.x-tab-strip {
            width: 10000px !important;
    .mycompany-tabpanel-multirow ul.x-tab-strip {
        width: auto !important;
    I try to applay this solution to 4.x, but i could not find "ul.x-tab-strip" css in styles of page elements.
    I test "width=auto !important" to similar name cases and i couldn't get multirow tabpanel response.
    Is there any way to applay css or override tabpanel in to solve this problem?

    You can review previous answers in Ext.NET 1.x forum from here.
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    Hello @gnostic!

    If you open the ExtJS forum thread you linked with the CSS "fix" for this issue, and move back to the first pages, you'll see there's a whole extension involved in that.

    As far as I could understand, an extension was shared there and it worked back to version 4 of ExtJS (equivalent to Ext.NET v2). Then at some point in ExtJS 5 or ExtJS 6 (Ext.NET 3 and 4, respectively), it stopped working, and that CSS rule you shared in your post in addition to the extension shared in that thread, fixed the upgrade issue.

    That said, I believe to attain this functionality you'll need to apply the extension to the TabPanel as well. This is not a functionality we support in Ext.NET and we can't guarantee it will work, and maybe it will need further modification in order to work on your side.

    Well, I hope this helps!
    Fabrício Murta
    Developer & Support Expert

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