Change datepicker of Datefilter in GridFilters

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    Change datepicker of Datefilter in GridFilters

    How can i change datepicker of Datefilter in GridFilters_Remote with my customized datepicker written in ext.js.
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    Hello @gnostic!

    Depending on how you customized your date picker, your starting point would be investigating the Ext.grid.filters.filter.Date class. It could be a matter of changing the pickerDefaults config option therein, or changing the code of the class via an override or extension.

    I hope this helps!
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    Thanks dear fabricio, your answer is always first and best!

    I could change datepicker of datefilter in ext.js by pickerDefaults config option and investigating Ext.grid.filters.filter.Date class.
    But i cant find pickerDefaults config option in EXT.Net.
    I mean how can i add my ext.js datepicker plugin to datefilter in ext.Net
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    Hello @gnostic!

    If you want to extend an Ext.NET class or make a new ExtJS component support, you can just extend Ext.NET corresponding classes. There are several forum threads covering this subject here, a good starting point would be this thread:

    - How to extend Ext.NET components

    Although it is a discussion for Ext.NET 1, it should have most of the needed aspects covered at least. It would help extending and understanding how it works if you have Ext.NET source code -- which is available for premium subscription users.

    If you give a google search on forums you should find several other threads showing different aspects on how to extend and create new classes from client-side customizations. A good google search would be " extend class".

    I hope this helps!
    Fabrício Murta
    Developer & Support Expert

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