I am having a field set which has no of field in it including a Ext .net gridPanel and a RowSeletionModel tied to a combo box.
The first time user tries to add a new field to the fieldset he selects something in the ComboxBox and fills in the values in other fields and everything works fine. There is a validation which checks if the above box is filled in and RowSeletionModel.hasSelection() is set to true. In this case the validation passes as the user selects a value before saving.

On trying to Edit a already saved record all the fields on the fieldset are populated with their previously saved values including the combox box and RowSelectionModel.

If (fieldMappingTypeID = ConfigUtilities.GetIntKey("Field Value", 0)) Then
cboFAField.Disabled = False
Dim sm As RowSelectionModel = CType(Me.grdFAFieldForMapping.GetSelectionModel(), RowSelectionModel)
sm.SelectedRows.Add(New SelectedRow(SourceFacFieldId.ToString))
End If

Now the issue is that on Updating the selection for RowSelectionModel its property hasSelection() is not set and remains false which gives validation error on Saving even though RowSelectionModel() has selected items. Whats the solution?