decrease height of textfield

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    decrease height of textfield

    I want to purchase 4.2.2 version and migrate my project 2.5.0 to 4.2.2 but before I need some solution as per my screen layout.
    my question is how to decrease height of textfield

    my code is
    <ext:TextField runat="server" ID="txtName"
         InputWidth="190" Width="270"
         FieldLabel="Employee Name" LabelAlign="Right"
         data_validation="EmployeeData.Name" Height="10px" />
    but Height cannot worked, I also check minHeight and HeightSpec but all attribuite cannot worked..
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    Hello @VSPL!

    To use height with units specification, you should be using HeightSpec="10px" instead. Simply Height will accept only integer numbers, treated as pixels unit.

    I hope this helps!
    Fabrício Murta
    Developer & Support Expert

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