[CLOSED] chart rendering problem and ext resources

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    [CLOSED] chart rendering problem and ext resources

    I have a problem where i can not easily create an example but I know where the problem comes from, hopefully someone has a solution:

    I am creating some charts dynamically through partial view and clicking on a button will show these charts. The first time I click not all charts are displayed and there is a mess somewhere in rendering process as ext net resources are rendered in between and the remaining charts do not render. the second and next times clicking on the button all charts will be rendered correctly.

    So is there a way to control the downloading these resources?
    Resources that are loaded for the first time:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Hello @mirwais!

    As you sated you're not able to make a test case for us to reproduce the issue, I don't think we can help much. But as far as an idea is concerned, you could just preload the resources up front, before loading the charts.

    While we once did this (in our Mobile Examples Explorer) just to make smoother dynamic charts loading once the page is first open, this may be just as useful for you to (in a pragmatic approach) preload charts or other components' resources beforehand.

    I'm talking about this: Default.aspx on Ext.NET Mobile examples explorer code. The lines should be hilighted once you open the link.

    But if you happen to be able to make us a test case then we'd could get to the bottom of it and provide you a more specific solution and feedback.

    Hope this helps!
    Fabrício Murta
    Developer & Support Expert
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    come on Fabricio, you sure can solve it without a complete example! in fact you did:) Thanks a lot for the tip, this was an annoying problem, which is now solved.
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    Hello @mirwais!

    Thanks for your feedback! But it is like a shot in the dark when we don't know what exactly we are talking about. This could solve the problem for you but knowing how exactly you triggered it could allow us to pinpoint the reason and fix it so in future releases you won't even needing to bother loading resources by yourself.

    Well, preloading the scripts can be a good choice as it may eliminate "hicks" during the page interaction though.

    I am glad the shot hit the bird (poor bird, well, the dummy target!) and helped you out!
    Fabrício Murta
    Developer & Support Expert
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    upgrade 4.5 not working

    Hello Fabricio
    That fix is not working anymore in the current version 4.5 when we were trying to upgrade.
    Is that some other control than DrawContainer?
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    Hello @mirwais, this aspect of Ext.NET didn't really change from 4.4 to 4.5 but maybe if you upgraded from an even older version, this could be the case. If you draw the same chart in a static page (all defined in markup/razor), does it load all the resources?..

    To be honest, the first reply was a shoot in the dark and I was lucky it helped you, but I'm still in the dark here to help you. All I can think is you should add additional resources (like, maybe, the chart component itself). But we really didn't change the resources loading hierarchy, so maybe the issue is happening to static pages as well (maybe some breaking change?) and the fact you load them dynamically biased identifying the exact issue?
    Fabrício Murta
    Developer & Support Expert
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    Hi Fabricio
    Thank you for your response, I finally had time to see this issue again:

    It seems that some chart-debug.js are loaded which create problem. This was not the case in 4.2. These files are not loaded in the first page load so when I select a chart from a list then these files are first loaded which creates this problem.. The resources are:


    As soon as I change the ScriptMode to Debug in ResourceManager this problem does not occur, it happens in Release mode only. So i think there is an issue here.
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    I am still waiting for this, to me it' s a bug and we can not upgrade (the minor versions from 4.2->4.5).
    As you can see there has been some behavior changes in loading the resources between these two versions.
    Can you please take a look inside?
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    Hello @mirwais!

    It would help a lot if we could reproduce the issue at our side somehow. I remember a change related to charts resources loading whenever chart-related (or draw) resources were actually used in the page, but then by what you say, the fact that it loads up the resources once (by itself) suggests you could just remove the manual resources adding you have been using. But somehow it sounds like not an option for you.

    It is really uncertain how to help with this issue if we can't make it happen by our side. There has been no other report regarding charts and the examples explorers samples seems to work just fine.

    While the resource was missing, okay, you just need to add it but now the problem happens because the resource has been loaded previously? Furthermore, if the page is running with scriptMode = Debug, then it works. I'm really out of clues to follow here.
    Fabrício Murta
    Developer & Support Expert

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