Confirmation dialog did not raise direct method

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    Confirmation dialog did not raise direct method

    I have a problem on confirmation dialog. I created an AbstaractComponent inherited class named ConfirmationDialog for displaying confirmation dialog. Then I wrote a property in another component (my component named StandardContextMenu and I put it in another component named ExplorerGridPanel and it is contained in an ASCX control called DesktopApplicationTemplate) that it's type is as ConfirmationDialog. I create 2 events for Yes and No result of dialog box in ConfirmationDialog that they should be raised when DoYes and DoNo methods called. My problem is DoYes or DoNo direct methods will not be called when I clicked on Yes or No buttons. Attribute settings that I used on DoYes and DoNo methods are

    [DirectMethod(Namespace = "Diten.Web.UI.WebControls.ConfirmationDialog", IDMode = DirectMethodProxyIDMode.None)]

    I was testing all modes of IDMode and I removed it too but nothing happened.

    When I put DoYes and DoNo methods on DesktopApplicationTemplate both methods will be called but I want to call ConfirmationDialog methods in ConfirmationDialog classbecause I need to raise Yes and No events. How can I solve my problem? How can I find the path of a DirectMethod (DirectMethodProxyID) and calling it in my click handler (My method is in a component, not in my ASCX control)?
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    Finally I found a solution. I changed my class inheritance form AbstractComponent into UserControl and it works. I found my answer in this page.
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