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[OPEN] [#1483] [4.2.1]Timeout problem with page proxy

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    Great, finally it is a kind of bug so, I was not mad.

    Do you will raise an issue in Sencha or not?
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    Hello @feanor91!

    I'm afraid that's not an issue with Sencha at all. The option is there, just is set from somewhere else.

    As per this very old forum thread,
    - Timeout for PageProxy, this option has been there since Ext.NET 1, and it seems it didn't work that -- at least as you expected it to work -- back then.

    Now I'm not certain the reason it was not removed at all. Maybe because nobody raised the question, or we just focused on other features that were more compelling.

    Well, so, we have logged issue #1483 so that we either completely remove this setting or maybe implement it back, remove just from the PageProxy context and not others who inherit from ServerProxy, etc...

    We'll post an update here as soon as there's a definition for that point.
    Fabrício Murta
    Developer & Support Expert
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    Perfect, thanks :)
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