Cannot find AjaxResult in Dynamic Control Creation

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    Cannot find AjaxResult in Dynamic Control Creation

    I am trying to implement adding controls from a controller action similar to The previous example uses
    return new AjaxResult ( script )
    , but I cannot seem to find where the
    class is defined. I am currently using
    return this.Direct ( script )
    The call succeeds, but no control is added to my panel. Which library contains
    function in javascript receives the following result
    Ext.getCmp("DesignerDrawPanel").add({xtype:"textfield",x:567,y:270,fieldLabel:"New TextField",value:"Testing"});
    Do i need to add this to my page somehow in the javascript
    function? I have added it to my page using
    eval(result); that how it is supposed to work?
    Thank you.
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