[CLOSED] Combo Filter issue on type

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    Hi Fabricio,

    Your sample code works for me.
    I have applied the code and it works as per my requirement, but i don't understood it properly.
    So can you please explain how clearFieldFilters is working here.
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    As stated here:

    Quote Originally Posted by Fabricio
    (...) a solution would be to, instead of calling clearFilter(), removing just the specific filter you are applying to the store on selection, hopefully that would prevent the typeAhead filters from being removed.
    This is what it does. The code has been shared, I can't see a way to better explain it. Does the bits above clarify the matter?
    Fabrício Murta
    Developer & Support Expert
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    Hi Fabricio,

    Yes it prevents typeAhead , but its not always working for me.
    Because for getting all the data in fqCombo, i have to apply clearFilter on it, untill and unless i am not able to get all data in its store.
    The issue i was facing is, sometimes even after applying clearFieldFIlters on it, i wont be able to get all the data in its store, but it works fine when i call triggerClick of client combo, so i was not sure whats going on there.
    This is why i was asking how it actually works.
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    Hello @amitpareek!

    Sorry, you call clearFilter() typeAhead will be no more. Unless you change/override the clearFilter() function to check if the typeAhead filter is there and not remove it, can't predict how reliable that would be.

    Try to use the clearFieldFilters(store, field) method to clear filters over specific fields then I believe you'd be good. If I recall well, the typeAhead filter do not match any field in the store, if you look at the filter structure.

    But I'm not sure you are telling what happened or if you are describing a scenario you need the solution provided does not help you with?
    Fabrício Murta
    Developer & Support Expert
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    You can close this.
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