Hi all,
We are using extended controls which inherited from Ext.Net on our Asp.Net Mvc project,
and started to build mobile pages using Ext.Net.Mobile.

We want to extend mobile controls too, to have same extra functionalities and ease of use,
also we have some Extension methods for Ext.Net control classes
but we had to do copy/paste and edit because Ext.Net and Ext.Net.Mobile controls have different namespaces and there is no common interface.

Ext.Net.Button and Ext.Net.Mobile.Button have mostly common named properties but they are different classes in different namespaces.

is it possible to have IButton interface (maybe on a common dll like Ext.Net.CommonInterfaces) and Button's properties and methods defined in it, after that Ext.Net.Button and Ext.Net.Mobile.Button derives from IButton...

also have other Interfaces for other classes hierarchically, IPanel, IFormPanel, IGridPanel etc.