[CLOSED] http://localhost:7031/extjs/resources/images/crisp/toolbar/bg.gif 404 (Not Found)

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    [CLOSED] http://localhost:7031/extjs/resources/images/crisp/toolbar/bg.gif 404 (Not Found)

    I changed ext theme from default to Crisp. some image files cannot be found. there is error in console:
    ext.axd?v=4.1.0:11 GET http://localhost:7031/extjs/resource...toolbar/bg.gif 404 (Not Found)

    What I need to do to make this image file find in the web site? I use visual studio 2015 to develop my web application.
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    Hello @Holly!

    By this message:

    My first guess is: upgrade to Ext.NET 4.2.0. But maybe for some reason the resources references didn't update on Ext.NET upgrade. I can't reproduce this ?v=4.1.0 here no matter how I draw a page. This ?v=4.1.0 is just a cache buster so not really a bug. But should at least read 4.2.0.

    In fact, if I have a project with Ext.NET 4.1.0 I can see several of these ?v=4.1.0 cache busters, but not in 4.2.0, where the cache buster is now a big hash key.

    But I may be missing something obvious there. Maybe a simple test case to illustrate the issue (something that actually makes the reference to the http://localhost:7031/extjs/resource...toolbar/bg.gif link you pointed). The Crisp theme has no toolbar/bg.gif at all, so Ext.NET shouldn't be adding these references.

    That said, here's the summary:
    1. Are you using Ext.NET 4.1.0 still? We recently released Ext.NET 4.2.0 and strongly suggest upgrading. Issues related to the cache buster have been addressed in the meanwhile, as it no longer uses its version number as cache buster.

    2. do you see this reference to a simple page with, say, just a button and the resource manager? If not, what you should have in the page in order to trigger this (code sample, please)

    I hope this helps!
    Fabrício Murta
    Developer & Support Expert
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    I am going to upgrade to 4.2 and test it again
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    Hello @Holly!

    Been some time since you mentioned you would be upgrading to 4.2 and testing the issue, but still no follow-up from you. Did you make it work, or do you need help on this issue?

    Notice if you don't reply here in 7+ days from now, we may be marking this issue as closed. But don't worry, this won't prevent you from posting follow-ups in this thread when you are able to.

    We're looking forward to your feedback!
    Fabrício Murta
    Developer & Support Expert
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    I upgraded to ext 4.2, the problem is still there. So I put bg.gif file in project location extjs/resources/images/crisp/toolbar/. the problem is gone.
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    Hello @Holly!

    Glad you could solve the issue on your side! Thanks for the feedback!

    We would love to be able to reproduce your issue and log it in our issues tracker so we can eventually fix it for good in our sources. If you ever have time to provide a simplified test case we can reproduce on our side, we would likely be able to tackle the issue for good.
    Fabrício Murta
    Developer & Support Expert

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