I'm currently trying to solve an issue with radiogroups. The checkeditems is always empty and the individual radios always returns false. This issue surfaced after my recent upgrade to ext.net 4.2. Please see code below:
 <ext:RadioGroup GroupName="radGender" runat="server" ID="radGender" Width="120" NoteAlign="Top"
                                    Name="Patgender" Note="Gender" BindingProperty="CheckedItems" DataObject="Customer">
                                        <ext:Radio ID="radGenderMale" runat="server" BoxLabel="Male" InputValue="0">
                                        <ext:Radio ID="radGenderFemale" runat="server" BoxLabel="Female" InputValue="1">
I can access the selected radio via javascript using a handler but not from code behind.

Please help!!.