[CLOSED] Set x, y position shortcut from desktop (with usercontrols)

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    [CLOSED] Set x, y position shortcut from desktop (with usercontrols)

    Hi guys,

    Using your desktop example. Is it possible the set the x,y position of a shortcut for gridwindow.ascx in the code behind from the desktop.aspx

    I know I can set the X and Y in the gridwindow.ascx itself by using:

    <Shortcut Name="Grid Window" IconCls="x-grid-shortcut"  X="100" Y="100"/>
    But would like to have some more control over my layout in the desktop parent page itself.

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    Gridwindow.ascx (codebehind)
     public int ShortCutX { get; set; }
     public int ShortCutY { get; set; }
    Gridwindow.ascx (HTML)
    <Shortcut Name="Icon"  X="<%# ShortCutX%>" Y="<%# ShortCutY%>" AutoDataBind="True"/>
    <mod:GridWindow ID="ucGridWindow" runat="server" />
    Desktop.aspx (Codebehind)
    ucGridWindow.ShortCutX = 100;
    ucGridWindow.ShortCutY = 300;
    Works like a charm

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    Hello Martin!

    Glad you could find yourself the answer for your question so fast! And thanks for sharing the overcome!
    Fabrício Murta
    Developer & Support Expert

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