[REMOTE] Freelancer Ext.NET Application portal

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    [REMOTE] Freelancer Ext.NET Application portal


    We're looking for a freelancer with extensive experience in ext.net web forms/mySQL/C# to assist us with finishing an undergoing project.

    We are a software development company based in Barcelona, Spain. Our main focus is our HSM application which has several modules and a complete web interface developed with Ext.NET ( https://youtu.be/0XcXLivhb-o ).
    We are currently developing a simplified web portal to allow users which are only interested on the inspections part of the HSM solution in conjunction with the android/iOS App and are not interested in the whole complex soution.

    The portal uses the following technology:
    ASP.NET, C#
    Database in mySQL
    EXT.NET 3.3.0

    We are looking to hire someone to work remotely for us to be paid a fixed price to complete certain tasks.

    Please send us your CV's explaining why you think you are ideal to help us with this project. Also give us an indication of your hourly/daily rate.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Jordi Canton
    Barracuda Software
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    Can you provide your email address. Or email me on amit[at]cakewalk.in

    Can send you my profile there.

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    I have extensive experience in Ext.NET using it since version 1.0 (2010). In addition, i actively participate in the Ext.NET forum, what can be seen through my older account: http://forums.ext.net/member.php?5362

    Check out my CV at LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/raphaelsaldanha

    Please take a look on the following thread: http://forums.ext.net/showthread.php?60146. If you need referral please contact Marcelo. I have been working with his company for more than one year.

    Note: I am currently based in the Netherlands.

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