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Dafield cannot bind anymore

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    Datefield cannot bind anymore

    Hi Guys,

    Kindly assist.

    I have been using ext 1.x for close to 4 years. Suddenly the detefield cannot bind to a system datetime.

    This is the issue:
    <ext:DateField AnchorHorizontal="92%" ID="ReceiptDate" DataIndex="ReceiptDate" runat="server" AllowBlank="false" MsgTarget="Side" LabelStyle="font-size: 11px; font-weight: bold" FieldLabel="Receipt Date" SelectedDate='<%# DateTime.Now %>' ReadOnly='<%# Session["CanBackDate"] %>' AutoDataBind="true" OnDataBinding="ReceiptDate_DataBinding">
    <Select Handler=" ReceiptDate.getValue());" />

    NB/ I bind DateTime.Now to the ReceiptDate, but it returns null:

    Attached is the error:Click image for larger version. 

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