multiple parameters

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    multiple parameters

    A newbie question, but i can't find solution from mvc examples. I want to pass some arguments to controller from view to fill a store as follow:

    .Parameters(ps => ps.Add(new StoreParameter("param1","a",ParameterMode.Value)))
    My question is how to pass another parameter, says "param2" and value "b".
    Thank you
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    you can write as
    .Parameters(ps => {
       ps.Add(new StoreParameter("param1","a",ParameterMode.Value));
       ps.Add(new StoreParameter("param2","b")); // you can bypass ParameterMode param, if you use as ParameterMode.Value  
    or if you use value mode you can write as

    .Parameters(ps => new {param1= "a", param2= "b"})
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    thx, working great

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