[CLOSED] Software Developer - Atlanta, GA

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    [CLOSED] Software Developer - Atlanta, GA

    Outstanding Opportunity with Enterprise Software Start-Up

    This is an Application Developer role within our Solutions group. In this position, you will apply the full breadth of your knowledge of application design and development, database coding, and general IT knowledge to help implement and continue development on our award winning solutions. The ideal candidate for this position has a high aptitude for learning new technologies and enjoys alternating between traditional software development one day, to product configuration via PL/SQL the next. You will be joining a small development team with the opportunity to play a large role in the company's growth and continued success. Flexibility and a thirst for learning is a must!

    Experience with Ext.NET is a plus. Please direct message me for contact info to submit resume.

    Responsibilities include:
    • Work as a member of our product development team to implement core functionality of our product
    • Design and implement web applications using .NET, C#, javascript, and PL/SQL, and Ext.NET framework
    • Write store procedures for Oracle.
    • Work as a member of the applications team to provide a cohesive and intuitive UI using CSS and javascript.
    • Work with other engineers to analyze business needs, features and requirements in order to design and develop software solutions
    • Integrating our software suite into existing ERP systems
    • Creating database Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) logic to push data from a source system into Invistics software
    • Configuring Invistics software during implementations

    Required Skills for Ideal Candidate:
    • Previous experience with software implementation and/or development
    • SQL experience
    • General knowledge of Extraction/Transformation/Loading (ETL) techniques for interfacing to ERP systems.
    • Enjoys learning new technologies and solving problems
    • 4 year degree, preferably in Computer Science
    • Must have the highest integrity and work ethic

    Preferred Skills:
    Experience with Oracle and PL/SQL
    ASP.NET, C#
    ExtJS or Ext.NET frameworks

    About Invistics
    Invistics Flowlytics suite, built on Lean and Six Sigma principles, uniquely combines a proven demand-driven manufacturing methodology with advanced optimization, simulation and analytics software. The solution bridges the gap between your ERP, MES and APS applications and your plant floor to enable dramatic, sustainable performance improvements including reduced inventory and cycle times and improved throughput and customer service.

    Invistics is offering a competitive compensation package with unlimited earning potential and equity.
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    Option for Remote?

    I think you're going to find your ext.net community here may require a remote option. Is that even viable?
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    For the right candidate, it is a possibility. We are looking for a full time employee not a contract hire.
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    Hi tylert,
    I have sent you a PM. Can you please check?
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    I have extensive experience in Ext.NET using it since version 1.0 (2010). In addition, i actively participate in the Ext.NET forum, what can be seen through my older account: http://forums.ext.net/member.php?5362

    Check out my CV at LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/raphaelsaldanha

    Please take a look on the following thread: http://forums.ext.net/showthread.php?60146. If you need referral please contact Marcelo. I have been working with his company for almost a year.

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