selectionModel.deselectAll() in server

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    selectionModel.deselectAll() in server


    I have a grid, a selectionModel (checkbox) and a store with approximately 30000 records. Then I want to select and unselect all records from C # since when doing it from the web browser collapses.

    In other words I require a method similar to:
    App.grdGeocercasAll.getSelectionModel (). DeselectAll ();
    But done from the server with code in C #.
    Try the following but it does not work:
    RowSelectionModel sm = grid.SelectionModel.Primary as RowSelectionModel;
    Sm.DeselectAll ();
    Sm.UpdateSelection ();
    Thanks for your help
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    Have you tried rebinding the data?. What Is the purpose displaying 30000 records?

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