[CLOSED] Grid Paging Toolbar and Local paging with Remote Data

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    [CLOSED] Grid Paging Toolbar and Local paging with Remote Data

    I am looking at your online MVC Examples and in particular the
    Local Paging With Remote Data
    which is at http://mvc.ext.net/#/GridPanel_Pagin...h_Remote_Data/. I would like to have very similar functionality but do not want to provide the slider at the top. Instead, I would like to keep the Next and Last buttons enabled until I reach the last page of the entire remote data count. So in this case until I am on the last page which is page 8 of the slider. I have tried enabling the
    buttons in javascript on the change event but it seems that the store trumps this behavior and disables them according to the data in the local store. Any help is appreciated.
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    Hello Emidio,

    Please clarify why is a regular remote paging functionality not okay for you?

    Could you, please, also clarify which Ext.NET version are you on? Ext.NET or Ext.NET Mobile? Just you posted the thread in the Mobile forum, but referring to a regular Ext.NET example.
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    Hello Danill,
    Sorry, yes I am using the regular version of Ext.Net 4.1 and not the mobile. The reason I want to do this is because the application requirement provides a local display size between 5 and 50 records and the remote page size is 100. So I am getting 100 records remotely and then paging them locally in the increment decided by the user ( between 5 and 50 ).
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    Hello Emidio!

    It seems you need some sort of hybrid gridpanel with "local remote paging", a combination I am afraid that is not supported out of the box. I could suggest you to do some custom processing of data but you said clearly you have requirements for your page to receive 100 records on each request and paginate to a maximum of 50.

    The closest I could find from doing something similar to this was on this Sencha thread: LocalPagingProxy an alternative to PagingMemoryProxy.

    But if you check that out, it requires in-depth customization of existing components at client-side.
    Fabrício Murta
    Developer & Support Expert
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    Ok, Thanks Fabricio. I think I will just add my own buttons to the toolbar.
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    Alright Emidio, thanks for the feedback, and let us know if you have trouble implementing them the way you need!
    Fabrício Murta
    Developer & Support Expert

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