[CLOSED] sencha examples

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    [CLOSED] sencha examples

    Support Team,

    Can you please post the EXT.NET examples for the following two dashboards?

    Admin Dashboard

    Executive Dashboard

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    Hello @Z!

    At least the admin dashboard does not seem to be an example if you browse 5.1.2 ExtJS examples (which Ext.NET 3 is based on).

    But I could find the Executive Dashboard Example on ExtJS 5.1.2.

    Are you having problems trying to build views similar to them? We don't have these exact samples in our examples explorer but some of them might just help figuring that out if any issues, like, maybe the charts dashboard example.

    Hope this helps!
    Fabrício Murta
    Developer & Support Expert
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    Is there any timeframe for adding any of these dashboards such as executive? This one is sufficient.


    I can build it but it is alot easier to use from an example if it already exists.

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    Agree, it is easier to build something with an example. We add new examples over time, but we usually don't have any time frame and cannot guarantee one or another example appears.

    Please don't hesitate to ask if any trouble while implementing the functionality you need, in a new thread.

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