[CLOSED] Get GridPanel to AutoResize Vertically and lock PagingToolbar at bottom of Parent Container

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    [CLOSED] Get GridPanel to AutoResize Vertically and lock PagingToolbar at bottom of Parent Container

    I have the following components on my page

    1. Ext.Net Collapsible Panel
    2. Ext.Net GridPanel
    3. Ext.Net PagingToolbar

    I would like the GridPanel to fill up the vertical space and have the PagingToolbar docked or locked at the bottom of the container and whenever i expand or collapse the Collapsible panel i would like the PagingToolbar to stay at the bottom. Is this possible with Ext.Net?

    There are 3 screen shot attachments
    1. Top Panel Expanded
    2. Top Panel Collapsed
    3. Desired behaviour

    Attached Thumbnails PanelExpanded.jpg   PanelCollapsed.jpg   Target.jpg  
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    Hello Emidio!

    Sorry about the sample code, but we will require code samples to be posted in [code] tags in the thread. Aside of other reasons, it helps keep the code to reproduce the issue in one place for good. Would you minding moving the necessary code here? It would be either the aspx page contents, preferably with code behind -- if any -- in the same page or -- if MVC -- the minimal view-model-controller set.

    Thanks for understanding, we're looking forward for your follow-up.
    Fabrício Murta
    Developer & Support Expert
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    Hello Fabricio,
    I find the Ext.Net support to be very difficult and time consuming. Does the sample i gave you not work? My question is pretty straight forward and should not require sample code. I am using MVC and visual studio 2015 and I just want to have 3 objects inside a container on my page...
    1. collaspisble panel
    2. grid panel
    3. paging toolbar

    I would like the paging toolbar to be locked at the bottom of the container and the grid to fill the remainder both when the top panel is collapsed and when it is expanded.
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    Can you set the Panel with a Fit layout? That would fill the GridPanel in the Panel and the Paging Toolbar would always be at the bottom of the Panel.

    Regarding the .zip file. I removed the link. We need to keep all the code related to the support request inside the forum thread. Code samples should be simplified as much as possible and pasted within [CODE] tags.
    Geoffrey McGill
    Founder & CEO
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    The collapsible panel has its own content and all three of them are placed on a containing panel. I thought that the fit layout was for a single child control. In this case i have all of the 3 controls listed above inside a containing panel.
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    Yes, the Fit Layout is for a single child. A simplified code sample would clarify the exact scenario and help us to help you.
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    Hello Emidio!

    It's been some time since we last replied to your inquiry here, and still no feedback from you. Do you still need help with this issue, will you be able to provide a code sample so we can understand your problem and provide you better advice?
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    No, it's all good. Thanks.

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