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[CLOSED] EXT.NET and EXT.NET Mobile together

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    [CLOSED] EXT.NET and EXT.NET Mobile together

    it is possible in some way bring together EXT.NET and EXT.NET Mobile in the same project (visual studio 2015, and Web Forms)?

    Of course I mean not together on the same page, but used in different pages.

    Thank you
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    It may be possible somehow, but this is not something we have tested, nor support as a feature of the Ext.NET frameworks.
    Geoffrey McGill
    Founder & CEO
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    Hi @ADV,
    could you achieve to run Ext.Net and Ext.Net.Mobile together on same project?
    we are trying on mvc project but we couldnt. i had post a topic also,

    Would you please share your experiences, which configs did you have changed?

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