[CLOSED] Error Message When trying to Use Ext.Net Source Code

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    [CLOSED] Error Message When trying to Use Ext.Net Source Code

    I am trying to use the Ext.Net source code in my project to debug an issue i am having. When i load the Ext.Net source code and try to compile it, i am getting the following errors...

    Severity Code Description Project File Line Suppression State
    Error CS0117 'ControlUtils' does not contain a definition for 'FindChildControls' Ext.Net \ExtNetV4.1\src\Factory\Builder\Base\Extensions.cs 91 Active

    Severity Code Description Project File Line Suppression State
    Error CS0117 'JsonSerializerSettings' does not contain a definition for 'ReferenceResolverProvider' Ext.Net \ExtNetV4.1\src\Ext\Util\JSON.cs 107 Active
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    Hello @edip,

    I could not reproduce.

    When i load the Ext.Net source code
    Please clarify, are you cloning the repo from GitHub, right?
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    Yes, i downloaded the source from GitHub.
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    There must be a problem on your development environment. Which version of Visual Studio are you using? Did you let the project run NuGet package restore to restore all required packages?

    Installing NuGet package versions other than the ones set up in packages.config is also not a good idea, so if you let VS restore the NuGet packages, don't upgrade them, as they may bring breaking changes that could result in the error messages you are getting.
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    Hello again, Emidio!

    It's been some time since your last reply to this topic. Do you still need help on the issue? We'll wait another week for your feedback before marking it as closed. But don't worry, even if marked as closed you still can post follow-ups when/if you want or be able to.
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    Hi, I could not get it to work, so i did without it. Thanks
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    Hello Emidio!

    Sorry to hear you didn't have much luck building it. Below some ideas to try and help you should you decide on giving it another try in the future. It will be very useful for you to get the most out of your premium subscription to Ext.NET! And we really appreciate the feedback on the latest release so we don't stumble on issues already fixed over time.

    As an easier alternative, you can just install the NuGet version of Ext.NET, then link the built DLLs into the project (or replace them inside NuGet's folder).

    This should work as long as no tools (like NewtonSoft.Json) have changed versions. In which case, will require also a verification on versions and probably upgrade the related NuGet packages. But the probably specific part of set up web config and specific keys should no longer be a problem.

    Another alternative, is reviewing the Web.config from a NuGet installation on another (preferably fresh) project, and then adding the Ext.NET specific blocks. Roughly, you'll just need to link all DLLs sitting into the Ext.NET output (be it release, debug or any of the several specific configurations you can build depending on the target platform versions).

    Following, review App_Start/RouteConfig.cs, copy over App_Start/ExtNetConfig.cs from the NuGet fresh project. In MVC installations, you'd have to review Web.config both in the root (which will be necessary both for WebForms and MVC anyway) and additionally in the Views/Web.config path.

    We'll be marking this thread as closed, but would love to hear back from you if you ever try it again!
    Fabrício Murta
    Developer & Support Expert

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