[CLOSED] Empty Alert from Server Side

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    [CLOSED] Empty Alert from Server Side


    Why I'm getting empty Alert Box when trying the following code from server behind:

    Dim ErrorMsg As String = ""
    If falg=true Then
    	ErrorMsg &= "<br/>Flag equal true"
    End If
    If ErrorMsg <> "" Then
    	Ext.Net.X.Msg.Alert("Error", ErrorMsg ).Show()
    	' Success  
    End If
    What is the problem?

    Ali Alaswad
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    Sorry, problem solved. Mark as closed.
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    Glad you could solve your issue! Well, with the code you provided we'll hardly have a chance to provide a proper feedback, we'd need a runnable test case. Anyway, we'd love if you shared how you could address the issue you pointed. Could be useful for others in the future.
    Fabrício Murta
    Developer & Support Expert

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