[CLOSED] [#1373] [4.1.0] Grid - Column-renderer-method, HTML-tags are rendered as text.

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    [CLOSED] [#1373] [4.1.0] Grid - Column-renderer-method, HTML-tags are rendered as text.

    When using renderer on grid-columns the html-tags are output as text. The Sencha documentation says that the renderer method should return the HTML to be renderered, but now it is not working that way.

        var x = Html.X();
        var data = new List<object>{
                Name = "Lisa"
                Name = "Bart"
                Name = "Homer"
                Name = "Marge"
                    .Renderer(@"return '<a>'+value+'</a>'")                
    Here's the output:
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Hello @sveins12!

    Thanks for yet this other report!

    Can you point the sencha documentation you are referring to? While this may be really misleading, I don't really see any mention to HTML in the documentation for 6.0.2 modern toolkit from Sencha. Furthermore, they suggest reading Ext.grid.Grid documentation for better approaches in the modern toolkit. Ext.NET Mobile uses ExtJS 6.0.2 modern toolkit.

    I hope this helps!
    Fabrício Murta
    Developer & Support Expert
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    Here is a link:


    Please look at the two last lines of the section about renderer, it says:

    - return : String
    - The HTML string to be rendered.

    I would like to point out that the ability to create HTML inside renderer-functions is, for my part, one of the greatest advantages in the ExtJs/Ext.NET toolkit.
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    I've found this topic on the Sencha forums.

    It turned out that the rendered text is encoded by default in the ExtJS Modern toolkit - docs on the encodeHtml option.

    You can set
        .Renderer(@"return '<a>'+value+'</a>'")
        .Cell(cell => cell.Add(new
            encodeHtml = false
    Should we change it to be false by default? I am not really sure in this case, but I tend to think we shouldn't...
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    Thank you!

    Yes, you should change it so that it is false by default. Especially if there's a renderer-method defined.

    Reason 1: In all the other Ext.NET versions this is false by default.
    Reason 2: The ExtJs-documentation which says "HTML to be returned".
    Reason 3: Almost all cases when we want to use a renderer-method the goal is to return some nice HTML, and in the case we just want to return a boring text it will work anyway, even if the encodeHtml is false. So in the most scenarios we need this to be false.
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    Well, but ExtJS docs on encodeHtml option stays:
    Specify false to write HTML directly to the cell. Be aware that doing this can expose your application to security issues if tha
    which is also something to keep in mind.

    Maybe, it should not render HTML by default in Ext.NET as well.
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    A very good point, that about the security.
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    We have a talk within the Team on this topic. We conclude that developers should not really rely on client side approaches on security. It is not going to be secure anyway. Everything should be validated on server side anyway. We decided to make a change to match Ext.NET behavior. encodeHtml is now false by default.

    Thank you for raising this topic.

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