[FIXED] [#1398] [4.1.0]Invalid CSS in classic theme

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    [FIXED] [#1398] [4.1.0]Invalid CSS in classic theme

    I found some problems in the classic theme css:

    • in this case the url quotes are inside a "content:" and the string is invalid
      .x-cmd-slicer.x-progress-bar-default:before{display:none;content:"x-slicer:, bg:url("http://localhost:2265/extjs/packages/theme_classic/build/resources/images/progress/progress-default-bg-gif/ext.axd"), stretch:bottom" !important}
    • in this snippet there is the invalid char '&', which I think is a missing expansion from SASS sources
      &.x-treelist-highlight-path .x-treelist-item-over > * > .x-treelist-item-icon{color:gray;transition:color 0.5s}&.x-treelist-highlight-path .x-treelist-item-over > * > .x-treelist-item-text{color:#000;transition:color 0.5s}&.x-treelist-highlight-path
      this seems present in the original files form extjs

    I'm using RequestReduce that internally uses AjaxMin. The first problem is more serious, as it completely breaks the theme. At the moment i circumvented it modifying RequestReduce sources with a regex to substitute url(" ") with url(' ').
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    Hello @moldeveloper! Thanks for the report!

    As for the first CSS it is a problem specific to Ext.NET but as for the second one as you suggested, I also noticed it is coming from ExtJS's prebuilt commercial package from different version, so maybe there's a reason they are starting with ampersand. I don't really get an error on my browser while loading the CSS files, but it really looks odd. It will require a look on the origin SCSS files to double check what is that coming from.

    As for the second CSS it is a problem while generating the CSS files with embedded resource paths. We've created an issue under #1398 to fix this problem.

    As you pointed the fixes are pretty easy to make, but we'd better fix it so the next versions do not redo this bug, so this could take some more effort to be fixed for good, thus the issue is very relevant.

    I wonder why not using RequestReduce you told about does not break the theme at all.
    Fabrício Murta
    Developer & Support Expert
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    We've just fixed issue #1398 which was related to the worst part of the report you provided!

    We have just logged the second part (strange ampersand in rule) and reported it in Sencha (all details in #1412). In case you want a feedback about this issue and can't track/follow the github issue, please open a new forum thread so we can bind it to that issue.

    Thanks for reporting the issue!
    Fabrício Murta
    Developer & Support Expert

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