[CLOSED] Color specific hours of day in CalendarPanel WeekView

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    [CLOSED] Color specific hours of day in CalendarPanel WeekView

    I have a simple CalendarPanel with only a WeekView:

    <ext:CalendarPanel ID="calendarPnl1" runat="server" Height="800" ShowWeekView="true" ShowDayView="false" ShowMonthView="false" WeekText="Settimana" MonthText="Mese" DayText="Giorno" ActiveIndex="1" >
            <EventStore runat="server" />
            <GroupStore runat="server">
                    <ext:Group CalendarId="1" Title="Aperto" />
                    <ext:Group CalendarId="2" Title="Pianificato" />
                    <ext:Group CalendarId="3" Title="Rendicontato o fatturato" />
                    <ext:Group CalendarId="4" Title="Inoltrato" />
                    <ext:Group CalendarId="5" Title="Annullato" />
                <DateChange Handler="Ext.net.Mask.show({ msg : 'Caricamento accessi..' }); #{DirectMethods}.calendarPnl_WeekChange(viewStart, 1)" />
                <EventMove Handler="#{DirectMethods}.calendarPnl_EventMove(record.data)" />
                <EventClick Handler="#{hf_CurrentAgenda}.setValue(1); calendarPnl_EventClick(record.id, 1);" />
                <DayClick Handler="#{hf_CurrentAgenda}.setValue(1); calendarPnl_DayClick(dt.toLocaleString(), 1);" /> 
                <EventOver Handler="#{ToolTip1}.show();" />
            <WeekView runat="server" ShowTime="false" >
                    <ext:ConfigItem Name="startDay" Encode="false" Mode="Raw" Value="1" />
    I would like to set a background color to some hours of specific days. For example I would like to color the cell from 07:00am to 08:00am of Monday 05/06. Is it possible? How can I do it? Thanks in advance.

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    Hello @John_Writers!

    I am afraid this is not a supported feature from the calendar panel. And by the way the panel is written, that would be rather difficult to attain.

    Not impossible, though. There's hopefully some information on this thread that could help you a bit on this:
    Calendar Panel in Dayview/WeekView how to show disabled dates/time slots in gray color ?

    I hope this helps!
    Fabrício Murta
    Developer & Support Expert

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