[CLOSED] 4.X How to theming

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    [CLOSED] 4.X How to theming


    I'm looking some info to make my own theme, but I don't undestand at all how may I do it.

    May I download something from Sencha?

    Thanks in advice.
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    Hello Alfredo!

    I believe this would be useful for you:
    - Core concepts - ExtJS 6.0 theming will give you an overview how the underlying framework -- ExtJS -- handles theming. There you'll see a link for Sencha CMD, an important part of theming -- the building interface.

    I believe it would be much easier if you based on an existing theme and then replicated it.

    When you update themes from ExtJS side, you can then update them on Ext.NET.

    Updating an existing them in Ext.NET should be tad easy, just copy-paste the built theme files over.

    Every time you update the themes on Ext.NET sources you have to run the src/Build/BuildScripts/BuildResources.bat to refresh the ext.axd-aware files to the theme (so the theme is bundled on Ext.NET). I suggest closing the solution and running this script then, and then re-opening and rebuilding the solution to ensure all gets in place.

    As for adding a new theme to Ext.NET, you'd have to change the theme list enum, include the files in the correct resource files (that indicates which css files are to be used as base to make the embedded CSS files -- linking the resources thru the ext.axd links in ASP.NET). I believe we can provide details on this as you evolve on the themes development and gets questions.

    First part to master would be the theming guide linked above.

    I hope this helps for now!
    Fabrício Murta
    Developer & Support Expert
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    Where can we download "Sencha commercial themes"? (I mean scss files)

    I can't find those files in Ext.net repo.

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    Hello Alfredo!

    Good point! It seems at some point we removed them from the sources, but we will discuss the best way to add them back and, as soon as we have it in place, we will post an update here!
    Fabrício Murta
    Developer & Support Expert
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    Bad news for me... Could you exceptionally "send" me this files?
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    Hi! This is available on our latest source files now!

    Just pull the github sources and switch to the ExtJS_602 branch. The files will be under src/Build/Ext.Net/extjs/extjs-commercial.

    If you don't know how to access the github sources, you should have received instructions with the emails you received when you purchased Ext.NET. If still in doubt, please email us at hello@object.net and we'll be pleased to help you!
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    Got it! Thanks for help.
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    An update about the Sencha sources availability!

    We have just moved it from extjs-commercial to extjs-sources in the same directory.

    Additionally we have merged the ExtJS_602 branch into master.

    So you'll find the files from now on under the src/Build/Ext.Net/extjs/extjs-sources folder.
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